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By: Venu Gopal das on January 2021
March 2021: In field meet-ups begin
Jan 2021: You’re now reading the first edition of the Newsletter, a way to share earthy activities here in the valley.  During these uncertain times, we’ve begun a weekly meet-up where we plan toward resilience in food, communication, finance and skills. Part of this is to prepare for whatever changes may come if today’s exploitive society becomes less reliable. But more than that, this is a chance to get closer to the natural way of living that Krishna intended for us, which is actually a wonderfully rich way to live. We welcome anyone who’s interested to get in touch and participate. We meet weekly at 1 pm on Saturdays.  Though it’s largely about gardening, the topics also include events planning, carpentry, seed-saving, helping others in the community, as well as sharing resources and skills.

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